Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Witches Butter?

This is a grouse. Jon took all these pictures today. The next two are insect related so you've been forewarned.

We've been baffled by what this orange jelly is which appears only on a few cypress trees. Is it a fungus? I looked up orange jelly fungus, because that describes the look exactly, and learned there is such a fungus, and it's sometimes called witches butter. Witches butter- wow that can set the mind spinning...

But the pictures of orange jelly fungus looked much more opaque than this . This almost looked like amber before the zillions of years descended on it to make it solid. We think it may be the pod of some insect. There seemed to be some bugs emerging in the base of one. I don't think I want to be around when they all emerge.

At first this looks like chicken art but look again- it's all wiggling caterpillars. ooh wee.

Reporting in, your would be entymologist.


Namowal said...

The caterpillars look kinda cute.
I feel sorry for whatever plant they're eating.
Not sure what that orange gloop is either. I'd be afraid to poke it with a stick!

Linda said...

I like these photo essays, but thanks for warning me about the insect photos. That's some kind of scenery behind you & Molly.

stray said...

Great pic of you and Molly!! Insect photos are a little unnerving.

Sally said...

The caterpillarw were really cute, and the orange jelly is prettier than in the picture.

I used to suffer from insect fear but now I like to read about them, even. Have a nice children's book from 1910 that is quite charming.

Namowal said...

Speaking of insect fear,
is it just me, or does context play a role in how creepy a bug is?

Weird bug X spotted on a hike = cool.

Weird bug X spotted in the bathtub = yiiikes!

Linda said...

What's the children's book?

Sally said...

The book is called "Knowing Insects Through Stories" by Floyd Bralliar, copyright 1918 and mine is a 4th edition from 1921, so it was a popular book. I may have to write more about it. 268 pages.