Thursday, May 28, 2009

You've Got A Friend!

Dear Blogger Buddies, I discovered I've now posted 777 times!!!

Does this mean I should bet $7 on horse #7 in the seventh race at Hollywood Park tomorrow?
777 just looks so signifigant. Got a lot to say for someone who does nothing!

Meanwhile, back in Colorado, look who showed up today. Molly's old buddy JOHN MCCAIN!
They played slamdance for a while outside while I clung to a tree in order not to get knocked over and then we went for a walk. Funny thing is, we found an Obama Biden plastic banner in the woods. Didn't bother John McCain (not his real name, but he's such a white boy.)

We fed him quite a few cookies which was a big mistake. I made a glorious 19 step mushroom lasagna which turned out very well but he was moaning at the glass window the whole time we were eating dinner, which made us feel guilty and over privileged. Molly ignored him. We've turned out all the lights downstairs and hope he'll head home. He has a very nice home and lives with several dogs and a couple of ladies.


Namowal said...

Isn't he the same dog who snuck inside last year and ate a bunch of dog food?
Either way he sure knows how to work his "Aw, you KNOW you want to give me more food" face!

Linda said...

I love this photo of John McCain and Molly.
John looks very concerned about what's going on behind the glass door.

Sally said...

Yes, he's the one Namowal. He became obsessed with our house last night and his owner drove up around 8:30 wondering if he was stuck because he hadn't come home. Just stuck mentally.