Monday, June 22, 2009

More Rockies Observed

I just have to mention this, that when you drive around the Rocky Mountains you wouldn't believe how many motorcycles are on the road, and all driven by OLD people. I know they're old because some of them don't wear helmets! If you ever wondered where department store Santas go off season, they go to Colorado and ride on really clean Harleys!

When we drove into Aspen the sun was shining and outdoor cafes were setting up for lunch. People were walking around with plastic ids on necklaces. They were there for the wine and food festival. After a couple of days of bad meals we were ready to mug one and grab the id!

You wouldn't believe the giant parking lot of private planes at the airport in Aspen as you drive out of town.


Linda said...

So funny about all the OLD people on really clean Harleys!

I was one of those people walking around with plastic id's on necklaces once! It was for the last design conference I was sent to before our company went kaput. There really were lots of yello leaves. There was a nice running path along a stream behind our hotel. Best of all, I flew straight to SF from there to meet Tom ... it was so nice here and I never thought I would live here. I better shut up & go back to my own blog

Namowal said...

Is the old-people-on-harleys a modern thing? Or would you have seen the same thing in Aspen decades ago?

I had no idea there was a jumbo plane parking lot on the outskirts. Big parking lots are so Los Angeles

Sally said...

I bet the folks at the food and wine festival were eating mighty fine- stick of butter in every meal. I think I know that path, Linda, from 15 years ago!

Namowal, Aspen is SO L.A.