Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Snow White Moment

This little bird kept flying at the window screen while I was washing dishes. Not sure what it is, maybe a flycatcher?

We came upon this baby elk on our hike today. Molly was very good about it and didn't chase it even though it ran off.

This little chick ran right in front of our car. We were going slowly. There were four or five more chicks. I guess they're grouse, but it would be wild if they were Prairie Chickens, an endangered species.

Their mother was off to the side in the grass.


Mean Jean said...

I think the bird is an eastern phoebe. They are indeed fly catchers, bug eaters of the highes order. If it's not a phoebe it's a close relative.

Sally said...

Thanks Mean Jean, I'll look it up. I'm leaning more towards it being a Prairie Chicken as I look through my bird books. Every time I go into the Div. of Wildlife in Montrose and tell them I think I've seen a Prairie Chicken they give me that "just left Roswell" look.

RHSteeleOH said...

I wouldn't know how to tell the difference between a grouse and a prarie chicken. I think I've lived in the city too long.

The baby elk picture is very cool. Did it hang around for awhile or did it run off quickly?

Linda said...

Having those animals around must be so nice. But (on Twitter I think) you mentioned a bobcat in your yard. You said Molly didn't see him ... Did you ever see him again?

Sally said...

After letting out its awful scream and running a little ways, the baby elk turned and looked at us. We were the ones who broke it off, going another way.

Linda, the bobcat was in our yard, and on another day we saw a mom coyote and baby passing through, right out the window. It's been a great year for wildlife sightings, though still nothing but bear traces.

Namowal said...

Baby elks can scream?

I agree with Mean Jean- the bird is probably in the flycatcher family.

Not so sure about the I.D. poultryesque creatures, but the're still cute.

Thanks for sharing your photos!

Mean Jean said...

I was identifying the bird in the top photo.