Saturday, June 06, 2009

Racing Saturday

While million dollar horses raced each other at Belmont today, bush league two year olds competed in Norwood, Colorado. I watched several races.

I thought this horse looked like real quality in the first race and bet on him. You can only place bets to win at the options window, and the people at the window use paper punchers and plastic cups to keep track of what's been bet.

My horse came in last.

Next race I had a winning bet. But out of six horses, only two crossed the finish line with riders on them.

This long line is all the ticket holders who'd picked the horse I picked!

This auctioneer was handling the Calcutta bets, where you bet to own the horse in that race or something. The bets are way too big for me to consider. ($100 dollar range.)

This woman was running the race. She looked pretty frazzled, and so did her hair.

These two were leaving when I was leaving. He ignored my camera.

We might go back tomorrow.


Linda said...

That horse with the spots dressed in red and blue with the pink socks is a thing of beauty.

The woman who was running the race looks like my hair stylist.

The last photo is LOVELY--are they the only two who crossed the finish line with riders?

Sally said...

I think the last picture was from another race, Linda. I discovered the feature on the camera where you hold down the button and it keeps taking pictures.

It is really COLD here (maybe 50) so not sure if we're going back today or not.

Namowal said...

When I first saw the gorgeous spotted gray horse I was ready to chime in "I saw him on T.V. too..." until I started reading and found you were covering a local race. Your horse had a doppelganger!

A race where only two horses finished the race with riders? Whoa!
Maybe they should add that detail to the betting:
"Two dollars on Oprah's Kryptonite to place, sans rider"

prb said...

Looks like fun, Sally.

stray said...

loved the frazzled hair

Sally said...

The announcer made it clear after the race that only horses with riders on qualify as winners. He also said, "My horse woulda won but he looked back to see if his plow was straight."