Sunday, June 07, 2009

Racing Redux

Jon came with me to the second day of racing in Norwood, Co. today. We got there before the second race.

I liked this jockey. He seemed a cut above. He won for me twice the day before and he won two of three times today too. I'll be watching for him next month in Ridgway when the bush league racing circuit picks up again locally.

(See Ms. Frazzle in background?)

I MISSED the Belmont race entirely. I left Norwood early so I could watch it on my computer and still have time to pick up Jon from his fishing lesson, (which he didn't like.) But my source for races on line was BLACKED OUT for this final race of the Triple Crown. My pick, Chocolate Candy, seemed to have stopped to offer samples and took his time to the finish line. If favorite jockey Joe Talamo had still been on Summer Bird I would have bet that horse and done well. But the trainer of Summer Bird got changed and Joe lost the ride last week I think.


Linda said...

What I want to know is, why didn't Jon like his fishing lesson?

Sally said...

He said he'd rather be hiking than just standing around in a stream, and he didn't like being told how to tie little knots, and didn't like the idea of dealing with hooks even if the fish was going to be thrown back.

Linda said...

Well, I've never had a pleasant fishing experience. I'd rather be inside washing dishes or cleaning the bathroom even