Thursday, June 04, 2009

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

We have a plant in Northridge that really has that common name, yesterday, today, tomorrow. It blooms deep violet, then becomes lavender, then white.

This is the great and rare white iris we took pictures of a few days ago.

Yesterday on our elk hike I didn't mention what Molly discovered hidden in a shrub in the dandelion wetlands: a baby elk! When she found it she put her nose on it and the baby let out a weird eek sound. We thought Molly had found a bird's nest, because a few species nest on the ground here. We just took a few pictures, not wanting to stress it.

Molly was so good just to point it out but not try to eat it.

We worried about the baby being in such an exposed meadow, and walked the same general hike today but didn't go near where the baby had been lying.

Well surprise surprise, when we came over the ridge look what we saw running away. The baby elk was able to keep up with its group.


Namowal said...

The baby elk is so cute.
I'm glad Molly has the manners not to hassle him.

I've heard that deer and elk moms hide when they sense danger. The baby isn't fast enough to scramble away so he drops and holds very still. When the threat passes, they are reunited.

Linda said...

That white iris photo is surreal.

I loved reading that Molly put her nose on the baby elk! Do you think the baby you saw today was really the same one?

stray said...

Friend was just telling me about growing up with a shepherd: mother used to put her baby sister on a blanket in the yard while she hung laundry. If the baby sister crawled off the blanket, the shepherd grabbed the diaper and placed her back on the blanket -- just watched her protectively the whole time.

Sally said...

I think elk are different than deer. Deer leave their babies in a flat state for a few weeks, I mean the babies aren't able to move with them.

Right after we saw the baby we climbed a ridge and across the field an elk was making a weird honking noise and not running off, just moving back and forth. That must have been the mother. When you look at the scale of the baby running, it looks the same as what we saw, to me, as well as the striped markings. That's why I think it's the same one, Linda.

Stray, German Shepherds are incredible animals.