Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Neighbor hi!

Right after we joked, "Wouldn't it be funny if we came upon (pictured above) on this trail?" we came upon pictured above. You can't tell but the trail is really steep, narrow and rocky.

He was in a good mood and so was his horse. Sometimes he's very angry.

He lives with two wolves in a b-i-g house at the end of the road, perched at the canyon's edge. He said yesterday Jehovah's Witnesses were walking all around his property for about two hours, and he had to crawl through the house so they wouldn't see him through the window! They left him plenty of Watchtowers.

Story cracked me up. I remember doing that when I was about twelve and Christmas carolers would come by, and my parents were out. I wasn't going to give them any cookies!


Mars Tokyo said...

That's funny. We always used to hide from the Jehovah's Witnesses too. Also the Fuller Brush Man. We'd hide behind the couch till he was gone.

Sally said...

Ha, funny too, to think of how they KNOW that's going on, and are they peeking in anyway?

Namowal said...

Between No-Windows-Survivalist, Three-Car-Garage-Single-Gal and Keeper-of-Wolves (is that legal?), you have an interesting assortment of neighbors.
When I shared a place with my friend (a few years back), she actually invited the Jehovah's Witnesses In and hosted meetings for several weeks. (She never converted). It was weird having them under my roof.

Linda said...

Isn't it weird when things like that happen? What I mean is, you mention him and there he is!

Why is he sometimes very angry?

JJones said...

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Sally said...

Namowal, there's also the guy in jail at the bottom of the driveway. About half the houses up here are empty and for sale. Some look like a truck should be pulling them with a "Wide Load" sign, and others are multi million dollar affairs.

Linda, think divorced wife. You have to be careful what you type in a blog, because look at the comment right above this one.