Friday, July 17, 2009

Off to the rodeo

We're off to the rodeo in Gunnison and won't be back till tomorrow night. But first a hello to this snake we saw lying on our trail on Wednesday. On Thursday at the same spot Molly stuck her nose in a little hole and the very same snake bit her. So glad there are no poisonous snakes around here!


Linda said...

Katy, I hope you don't see this post.

Namowal said...

He looks like a mild mannered snake. Could this really be the same snake that bit Molly?
When I was a kid we lived in a semi rural area and rattlesnakes sometimes wandered into the yard.
I knew they were dangerous, but I always felt sorry for them when my dad executed them with a shovel.

RHSteeleOH said...

Where did Molly get bit? On the nose? That would hurt! Getting bit by a snake would scare the bee-jezus out of me.

Sally said...

Sorry about Katy- I wondered if it was safe to post a snake pic. My nephew gets so bothered by references to them that we have to call them legless reptiles.

It only bothered Molly for an instant.There weren't any visible puncture marks. She's been more troubled and on meds after swimming in a beaver pond and getting an ear infection.

I'm sure it's the same snake, Namowal. One of the things I'm slowly realizing about wildlife observed is that it's often the same one you're seeing repeatedly.

Jane said...

Legless reptiles? Really? How old is this kid? Poor guy.