Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cattlemens Days Pt 1

We drove over to Gunnison on Friday for Cattlemens Days. We wanted to see what a Gunnison rodeo is like.

But before we went to the rodeo we went to the restaurant we'd been told was the best place to eat in Gunnison: the Trough.

The Trough sits lower than the highway and right next to the river. I thought it looked like an abandoned railroad car or a giant dumpster, but inside it was a different story. It had an amazing interior, which I should have taken a picture of. Slats of wood were assembled to form curving walls with much drama, almost Gaudi like, probably from the early 70's. Very experimental interior.

And a very cornball menu!

It's a special occasion restaurant, and there were big family parties filling the place. The food was delicious and it was a very nice place for prime rib, baked potato, and a glorious salad bowl served at each table.

I wrapped up two small chunks of prime rib to take to Molly, who was waiting in the car. That's why I didn't get a picture of what happened next!

As I was feeding Molly, a Paris Hilton wannabe in a pink string bikini appeared in the parking lot carrying her big inner tube. She'd been traveling on the river. She was also covered with tattoos. She propped her inner tube beside the front door and then went into the restaurant. I just wonder what happened in there next! As we were driving away she came back out of the restaurant.

This isn't the bikini girl, but a soul sister.

Rodeo story tomorrow!


Namowal said...

Glad you got a decent restaurant meal out there.
I wonder if the crack on the menu about waiters being "worthless" gets them smaller tips than they'd get if they had a better price tag?

RHSteeleOH said...

Apparantly they had a policy of "no shoes, no shirt, half naked, no service"

Linda said...

I'm starving.

Sally said...

They managed to get an outside crust edge to all the prime rib, yumm!

Namowal said...

Last night I had a weird dream about getting sunburnt and I couldn't figure out where that came from...
...till I revisited this page and saw the picture again.