Monday, September 28, 2009


Our neighbors told us about a hike they like to take for picnics, so we followed their directions. Maybe we should have remembered that she jogs uphill and he races bicycles.

It was an exciting trail if you like them skinny with cliffs and wide space with nothing to catch you if you roll and big horn sheep scat and slick surfaces, but I ran into some psychological difficulties on the way down. (Notice how I'm leaning even above.)

The butt hike helps when the acrophobia kicks in. My astrological sign is cancer the crab.

This bull mastiff knew better than to hike on such scary trails. "I'm not going!"

This wolfhound pup just joined his athletic family's pack yesterday. His tail was so long he looked like a mountain lion. He was a very mellow pup. He's going back with his new family to Arizona on Thursday. When I see him next he'll be a giant.


Namowal said...

That's one steep hill!
You must really be in shape to scale those things.
Years ago I hiked all the time and could hike up almost anything. (Now I can barely get up the stairs.) The climb down was always scarier.
That's a cute bull mastiff. I'd get one myself if a self-cleaning model came out.

Linda said...

This looks scary!!! Whoa!

p.s. That is one cute pup.

stray said...

I don't do well with steep hikes up or especially down. This reminds me of one we do in the Bay area.

Sally said...

It was actually steeper in my mind than the pictures make it appear. compared to people who take it seriously, we're not in shape at all.

Mean Jean said...

They need a t-bar.