Sunday, September 27, 2009


Cruised the Target aisles last week to see what their Halloween novelties were like this year. All disappointing except for these two boxes of novelty dots: Bat Dots and Ghost Dots.

The bats don't have black wings but they do have an interesting blood orange flavor, not too sweet. I thought the ghost dots were going to glow in the dark, but they don't. Instead they are all the varied flavors of regular dots without the color to tell you what you're about to eat.

The light here is very hazy from the Colorado fires, and it's 80 degrees at 4 pm. weird.


booda baby said...

I think you found the perfect snack for fire-created ambience. Charleston Chews are pretty good, too, I've found, but they don't make a Halloween version.

Dots. Charleston Chews. And lots of water. Who'd have ever thought?

Mars Tokyo said...

Very cool. The ghost dots really should glow in the dark. But they'd probably kill you if they did.

Sally said...

Charleston Chews have a nice chocolate. there's a German candy, I think it's called Reiser's, that you'd probably also like.

Yeah glow in the dark candy would have to be made of barium or something nasty.

Namowal said...

I think I know the German candy you speak of- it's wrapped chocolaty caramels covered in chocolate, right? I sometimes put them in my candy bowl at work.
I didn't know dots did bats and ghosts.
Dots make me think of the movies- where you hold them up to the screen to see what color each one was.

Sally said...

Dots are meant for theatres. But I think a smaller box is more attractive. Not many theatres remember to carry them, or jujyfruits, anymore, and I'm always disappointed at the candy counters in theatres. In Telluride they sell Twizzlers, not even Red Vines, and they're $3.00 a pack.

And yes Namowal, those are the candies I mean. (Cranky old candy lady with two boxes of dots in top drawer.)