Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The winds are blowing so hard today that the leaves make a clack sound when they hit the window. Our house is shaking. We decided to take a fall foliage tour over to Rico since the leaves may all be blown off by tomorrow.

There was quite a bit of snow on the mountains last night.

We ended up at our usual restaurant in Rico but it was the chef's day off and you could tell by the way the food tasted without even asking where the chef was. Also, I hate it when you ask "what's the 'spicy sauce' on the burger?" and the waitress answers "It's a secret." Secret spelled Russian Dressing. But don't tell anyone. It's a secret.


Namowal said...

That has to be cool living around so many colored leaves. So much of Los Angeles flora is Hefty Bag Green year-round.
So the restaurant considers Russian dressing to be spicy? I wonder what they'd think of the chili garlic sauce with the rooster on the jar?

Linda said...

Beautiful scenery!!!
But it's the restaurant talk that always grabs me.

stray said...

Russian dressing! Beautiful photos.

Mean Jean said...

My daughter once waitressed at an up-scale Cuban restaurant in Dallas. They had and appetizer that was essentially made from hotdog buns with something smeared on then sliced.

Those are great pictures!

blog administrator said...

and then what happened?

Days have gone by. Is the foliage still there?