Sunday, October 04, 2009

A very good dog

Tonight I was making lasagna, and the recipe was on the the laptop, on the couch. I'd put one layer down and couldn't remember whether you put sauce next or cheese next. I left the square dish on the counter, on top of a dishtowel, and walked over to the computer.

CRASH! Our counter slants about 15 degrees and the pyrex dish took a slide and a fracture. On the floor were shattered glass fragments, red sauce and noodles. It looked like the scene of a crime. It was meat sauce on the floor. Now our old Chows would have been fighting with me to let them at it even though it was laced with glass, but Molly just watched from her bed. Our downstairs is an open floor plan so there aren't any doors you can close off.

I spent the next 45 minutes on cleanup, and got the remaining lasagna into a bread pan, which is enough for two peeps for dinner.

Here's the lake where she took a sudden swim last week

I bet that water was really cold!


stray said...

So sorry you lost part of the lasagna!! Molly is so smart; glad she was safe. This reminds me of those satires on Julia Child where she would drop the food, pick it up and just keep on cooking.

Namowal said...

Molly is a wonder dog!
Not only is she smarter than your chows, she's smarter than whomever designed the sloping counters.
p.s. she looks chilly in that lake. I wonder if her coat keeps her warm?

Linda said...

As awful an accident as it was, how incredible to witness Molly's behavior. Amazing!

That lake is beautiful. Hope the swim wasn't TOO sudden. She looks happy enough anyway.

Sally said...

Stray, it felt like a Julia Child moment, but with shards of glass all messed in there was no scraping it back.

Namowal, I think our house has been slowly sinking on one side and that's why the counters lean. it's probably more like 3 %.

Linda, where are you now? I didn't put a finger in the lake to check the temperature. It just looked arctic.

stray said...

We've had a lot of work done on our house the past year trying to brace it up because we were getting cracks all over the inside from differential settling (from soil changing from wet to dry and back).