Thursday, October 08, 2009

Weird Neighbors

Too late to illustrate, but have to say...

Down the road our 40 year old single neighbor got busted early in the summer for driving 150 miles mph while chased by the devil. In the first telling the devil was in the back seat but now I know he was in a separate car. Now the neigh is living in a Christian community in Mountain Village. (Richistan). Who knows where the devil's gone. Just checked the closets.

Not just to make fun. People with bad mental conditions get meds that make them feel like their old selves except for the side effects. They think: "Who needs these stupid pills?" and then the devil is chasing them... and so are the cops.

Now mega rich guy who's part of the Haagen Daas family is renting our victim's house while his castle is being remodeled. The devils are fattening up on strange flavors. Unappreciated famous guy was one of the first stars of beach volley ball in the 50's in case you don't appreciate.

We had crock pot cooked pot roast tonight. Or was that crack pot kook rroswt? One of the recipes I read said add an envelope of Lipton's Onion Soup mix and a can of coke.

Talk about blase....

Just couldn't go there. Dinner was a yum. Especially lemon sponge custard (joy of cooking easy masterpiece) at the end.


Mean Jean said...

Be glad you didn't use the Lipton/Coke recipe. It's the devil's favorite.

Namowal said...

Is this the same nutty neighbor who lived in the house without windows?
My mom is one of those people who doesn't get why she has to take meds. Afterall (her logic) she was fine before she had the stroke, right?
We try to explain that skipping her anti-seizure meds means more seizures (which in turn mess up her ability to speak), but she doesn't believe it. Crazy making.

Namowal said...

Pardon the double post, but it is crock pot weather. When I lived with roommates I used to make this a super-easy crock pot roast- chuck roast, a chopped union and a bottle of pickled peppers (pepperchini or jalepenio), including the brine. Sounds weird but it was pretty tasty!

Sally said...

Mean Jean, that cracked me up.

Namowal, this is a different neighbor. She used to be president of our home owners' group!

Your recipe makes sense to me. I recently discovered the wonderful world of pickled peppers, the yellow ones.