Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Gray Jay

We went on a lovely hike today near Lizard Head. There was snow under all the pines but the trail was clear and we'd never hiked it before. No human prints on the trail, and no one passed us in either direction. It wasn't a huff and puff trail. There were so many hawks flying. They may have been golden eagles. Also we were stalked by a number of gray jays, like this cutey above.

That's Lizard Head behind me.

Molly gets really crazy when she encounters piles of snow but I didn't get any photos of her in the act.

Last night we put some spaghetti and garlic bread in the upstairs bird pan for the magpies and stellar jays. In the middle of the night Molly started barking frantically. It was serious enough for us to get up and find the big flashlight. Right outside the house a herd of maybe a dozen mule deer ran off in all directions. Mule deer don't usually move in herds.

Was the upstairs smell of garlic bread and spaghetti so enticing?


Linda said...

"Was the upstairs smell of garlic bread and spaghetti so enticing?"

Are you crazy? Is there any smell in the universe more enticing? Name one. (You can't.)

That gray jay is adorable.

Namowal said...

Linda's right. Garlic and spaghetti attracts all. I bet even the trees were leaning in that direction.

RHSteeleOH said...

I could smell it and was on my way over. I wandered around all night, obviously I didn't make it in time.

We have blue jays here in Ohio, I didn't know they came in different colors. A very proud beautiful bird.

Mean Jean said...

I can't imagine who wouldn't be attracted to your special bird food.