Friday, November 06, 2009

Breeders Cup Day 1

wow how cute are these girls? That's me on the right.

No wait, I guess this is me. oh well.

Wish I could look more mysterious, like she does. I found if you say to folks, "You look so cute- may I take your picture?" you get the shot. Single people take notice.

This guy brought his lucky bear.

The guy below trained this year's Kentucky Derby winner. Lots of cute girls around him. He's no longer on crutches, and looked much jollier than his (snarly) press presentation last May.

The horse below is Mr. Hot Stuff. He didn't win, but he almost did, and he deserves his name, don't ya think?

I had so much fun I can barely control myself, and it wasn't just because I made some dough.

The Breeders Cup races run for two days at Santa Anita. I purchased two special Tweeters Event tickets for Jon and me. It seemed incredible that for $25 we'd get reserve seats, gifts, entertainment and a full and delicious lunch but it was that good. Plus got to meet online racing bud Kevin Stafford (remember the Rachel Alexandra contest?) and Julie the sweetheart.

Going back tomorrow and hope to see more of the buds, but the crowd is going to be a nightmare. Insane that I didn't get pictures of the buds, but I was so excited I was practically foaming.


Linda said...

I wondered if you would see Kevin! That's so exciting about the Tweeter tickets & the lunch. Will you get the Tweeter tickets for tomorrow? What kind of gifts did you get? Little candy horses and Indian bead belts? You won!!! Win again tomorrow.

Namowal said...

Yes, win again!
And take more pictures, please1

booda baby said...

It's possible to have as much fun, but MORE fun? I think not. I love my vicarious thrilldom. Thanks so much! I do, however, wish you'd donned a hat. You, too, would like mighty mysterious. :)

Sally said...

booda baby, The thing is, though, you don't want your head to look like it's in a gift bag.

No Tweeter tickets for tomorrow. This was mega special, amazingly generous event.

stray said...

This sounds like so much fun!