Sunday, November 08, 2009


Here she comes the Queen of England- no wait, it's prancing princess ZENYATTA! Her trainer next to her.

Many wonderful hand made posters. Women were declaring this horse as their horse.

There goes Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird above, with Calvin Borel.

Doin the Chanel thing. I need a suit like this.

doin the Diane Arbus thing. This going to the chapel gal was alone the whole day, even at the very end when I was waiting with her to see jockey Mike Smith walk back to the jockeys' room.

Hey, where'd you get your poster?

Below are my twitter posts when I got back from Santa Anita yesterday, where Zenyatta won the Breeders Cup Classic racing against the very best horses in the world. Female beat all the males, unheard of, bigger, better even than Rachel Alexandra's victories this year. I really enjoy my twitter life! My posts:

Most exciting racing day EVER! HISTORY IS MADE!

Squeezed in the basic crowd all day& squished at rail into saddle area. When Z headed to saddle area shout outs SHE'S COMING! Like Q of E!

The dance she did as she passed the screaming squeezed masses is something I'll never forget.

The start of the race was so CRAZY with Zenyatta doing her dressage wiggles on way to the gate...

Then she didn't want to go in the gate, then she came out the open front end, and then QUALITY ROAD oops

Everytime QR kicked out or bucked the crowd roared like it was a prizefight.

When QR scratched (we could hear the phone ring like it was on stage) , the crowd roared. The excitement was so intense.

(since my twitter pals all had seen the race one way or other I didn't describe it- astonishing victory by this great big filly)

and the smile on Mario Espinoza, Zenyatta's groom, as he led her back thru the tunnel, I'll also never forget.


Linda said...

Sounds like you had the time of your life this weekend! Great story & photos.

Sally said...

It was a most amazing and wondrous weekend- still reeling from it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Diane Arbus photo. I just realized why I don't follow racing on the web---no racetrack crowds, no costumes, no Chanel, no racy roar of people and horses and food. And money....I do believe you had a good time... Katy

Sally said...

thanks Katy. Sometime we have to go to the track together!

Namowal said...

I thought about you when I heard about Zenyatta's victory. I was jealous I missed it.

Mean Jean said...

This is soooo cool. Vintage Chanel. Go to south Florida, baby. It's in all the consignment shops.

Sally said...

Namowal, it was the most fun I've ever had at the track.

Mean Jean, the giant sequins around her neck added to the glamour.