Sunday, November 15, 2009

Governors Awards 2009

Roger Corman being toasted by Ron Howard. There were many toasts all night- something new they were trying. whew *****

Last night was the big Hollywood party at the Kodak Theatre. Since I don't have a point and shoot mini camera, I thought the cel phone would serve the trick for taking pictures. But it doesn't have flash, and half the time I forgot to click save anyway. My two pictures weren't worth posting. I found the one above on line. I was sitting right behind the woman on the right with the helmet hair.

It was an outstanding evening, written up in the L.A. Times. The food, catered by Wolfgang himself, was choice, particularly the appetizers "passed by butlers". These included tiny crabcakes, slices of Kobe beef with horseradish sauce served on a potato slice, teenser duck rolls tied with some kind of vegetable string, tuna in a cookie like cone (all these minitature) and champagne provided by Moet and Chandon.

We got there exceptionally early- fine with me-I got to sample all the appetizers. Others were letting the fancy trays pass by but I considered it a special opportunity to eat as much as I could. Besides, I got food poisoning at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant once. I had to prove him wrong. Once the crowd got roaring there wasn't much to be had. I saw Morgan Freeman sitting on the couch I'd just gotten up from. I saw Lauren Bacall pass right by looking beautiful. A woman I know asked me to hold her shawl which looked like a bathroom rug. I made a point of finding her again so I didn't have to take it into dinner with me.

We sat at the table just behind Roger Corman. Here's my take on the evening:

The lively speakers were Quentin Tarantino, Jonathan Demme, Roger Corman, Lauren Bacall, and Gordon Willis. Willis (who shot the Godfather movies), said, "Every time I worked with a beautiful actress I think she was worried I'd make her look like Marlon Brando. I just want them all to know they don't have to worry anymore."

Looking great at the awards were Roger Corman & family, Lauren Bacall, Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson (no girl friend, no sunglasses, big smiles)

Lookin like a zombie: Peter Bogdanovich.
Most pompous speaker (no surprise) : Tom Hanks.

Angleica Huston presented the award to Lauren Bacall. They had family ties that went way back. Holding her Oscar, Ms. Bacall said that she was just happy to have a "two legged man" to bring home with her.

Tied for most boring speakers: Mr. and Mrs. Warren Beatty.

At the end of this SIX HOUR affair, they gave the Irving Thalberg award to John Calley who was too ill to attend. In the process they brought up all the previous award winners including Walter Mirisch, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Saul Zaentz, Norman Jewison, Warren Beatty and Dino de Larentiis. All of them have white hair and gray beards and are about the same size, except for Beatty. Looked like Snow White and the seven dwarves!

Dessert, for those who like to know these things, was "Chocolate Tear Drop filled with White Chocolate Mousse and Fresh Cherries." (though they were actually raspberries.) Very tasty!

Oh, and as for my outfit etc. I got my makeup done for the first time ever. Geez it took a long time. Do women spend 45 minutes every day to do themselves?

Here's the before picture:

I was sitting in a high chair with my eyes closed. When the makeup artist said, "Now open" I got confused and opened my mouth- halfway thinking I was at the dentist. I could tell she thought I was a nut. She asked me what I was wearing, and I said, "It's vintage." She said, "It's SPINACH?" okay so who's the nut here!

always looking my best out by the trash cans!

looks like I just sucked on one of those lemons on the ground. My stockings were navy and silver sparkly herringbone.


Mean Jean said...

You look simply mahvalous! Now you have to dish. What's with the Hanks? The menu sounds divine.

Sally said...

Oh I just think Hank's a giant pain. His performance at Obama's inauguration was so self aggrandizing. And what movie was he good in anyway, at least in the last 15 years?

My niece used to work for Valentino and she said his wife was a gnarly btch when it came to asking for all the free stuff she could possibly get for awards shows etc.

RHSteeleOH said...

Thank you for sharing this.

Namowal said...

Lookin' good!
Between the fancy food and celeb guests I was getting jealous, until I heard you had to sit through annoying speeches.

Then again, I'm still jealous!

Linda said...

Thank you for all the food descriptions--and as you know, I LOVE the before and after (make-up) photos. You look smashing!

It's so exciting that you heard Quentin Tarantino.

You know, I think I was drawing the tuna in a cookie-like cone appetizer while you were eating it. I'll send it to you to prove it.

Anonymous said...

How tall do you think "Snowwhite" Warren Beatty is (considering that you compare the others to him as the seven dwarfs)?

stray said...

You look great! Thanks for all the juicy info.

Anonymous said...

love the vintage spinach dental spin, love

Jane said...

Sally, you are the funniest. Thanks for writing about the evening, and for the photos of your before and after. Sounds like a fun evening--getting dressed up in finery, eating delicious fancy food, and not having to make a speech.

Sally said...

Thanks for all these jolly comments. Warren Beatty is about 6' 2 I think. He rattles along when he's speaking.

Jane, I'd rank "not having to make a speech" number one on your list.

Linda, clearly you've watched "Make Me Psychic" too often.

booda baby said...

You are super duper BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait til your next awards ceremony. I'll expect to see you in Santa Barbara. (I just got a Jil Sander jacket at our ghetto store for ... $4. Ta da!)

I probably would've made a good gold miner. :)

stray said...

I tried on a cool retro dress in a Santa Barbara thrift shop, but it didn't fit....

Sally said...

booda baby, we need to have a Santa Barbara meet, yes!

stray, if it was too small for you it must have been mini monkey size! (she has awesome fig!)