Monday, November 16, 2009

on to the garage

Poor Elle, my 8 year old rooster. The house sitter gets an F. Just got back from the vet, a $250 bill and he may or may not make it. I declined the x rays. Diagnosis was lack of food, general neglect. EEK!

He was looking poorly yesterday so we moved his overnight hutch back in the garage and put a heat lamp on it. But first we gave the unexpected resident, seen above, a ride in a box to wilder country. I was looking closely and nervously at the head shape- diamond or not diamond? till I saw the little legs emerge in the straw. A very large lizard. I thought it was unlikely there would be a rattlesn. in the garage but in L.A. anything's possible.

Our neighborhood is going downhill, and it's not because we live here. Honest! During the "you've got the green light"free finance era houses were bought by unknown neighbors who then rented individual rooms to families.

The house catty corner to us seemed especially suspect for several years. We thought it might be a drug drop off house. The people didn't live there, they just came there for short periods every couple of days. They would never speak to anyone in the neighborhood. They built up the fences so they were as high as you can go. Now that house is in foreclosure, and we went to the open house yesterday.

Creepy extraordinaire, especially the closet right by the sliding doors to the pool. It was only big enough for a person to stand in, and it was sound proofed, all four walls, ceiling and floor, with foam shaped like an egg carton. Okay, so what was that for?


Namowal said...

Aw, poor Elle.
What's going on with that house sitter? How tough is it to feed and water a chicken? Neglected pets make me see red. It's not like they can run down to the store for fresh food (or water, or bedding).

That soundproof closet sounds creepy indeed! What on earth...!?

Mean Jean said...

Padded closet? I've been watching too much "Criminal Minds" to form any opinions that would set your mind at ease.

stray said...

This is all so distressing.

Linda said...

It's so upsetting about Elle. I'm almost afraid to ask: Is he any better today?

Sally said...

Elle seemed a little better today. I spent 3 hours cleaning his little cage. Bought him some worms and cottage cheese to cheer him up.

Last year the house sitter was overweight and didn't have a bf. She did a really good job.

This year she lost weight and got a bf. All the house plants died, and so did some of the landscape plants. I don't think she was staying here much, and I think she may have sub-contracted the outside stuff to someone who didn't have a clue. No way is she coming back.

Mean Jean, the closet stays in my mind too much.

blog administrator said...

About the house sitter ... You have GOT to be joking. It's the same one? Unbelievable.

I'm so glad Elle had some fresh worms and cottage cheese.

How is James Brown?

RHSteeleOH said...

Dang Sally, your house sitter didn't stay much, neglected your animals & plants, sub-contracted her work & wore a cat suit in your kitchen.

Maybe next time you see her you could offer her some cottage cheese and worms.

Jane said...

I especially like the last comment!

Namowal said...

"Maybe next time you see her you could offer her some cottage cheese and worms."
...or saved the lizard for her.

booda baby said...

She needs an F AND a ticket and animal community service. I don't have a lot of tolerance for animal neglect. Come to think of it, I don't have a lot of pateince for people who simply don't like animals, especially when they expect me to like their kids.

I think they had to install it for checking out amps. But I only think that because I'm partnered with a tube amp repair man and he's ALLLLL about the tone and to check the tone? The sound's got to be pumped. *sigh*

Sally said...

cottage cheese and worms sums it up perfectly. Booda Baby, I don't think these were folks who knew anything about amps.