Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who's in the Kitchen?

Weird to come upon a picture like this in Facebook. Hey, that's our kitchen! But we weren't there in October. Oh. It's the woman who house sat for us. Cute costume and makeup!

I admit, I was Facebook snooping, because we haven't been entirely happy with the way she took care of things. That's how I came upon it. Nuff said.

But Facebookers beware. We all leave quite a trail. That's one of the reasons I like Twitter better because it seems less like a mining exercise and less about the individual. What Twitter is about is still bewildering, but maybe it's their trending topics.

On to meat loaf. I made a very tasty turkey meatloaf last night riffing off of a couple of recipes. Vegetarians, be glad your hands weren't in the bowl. I'm posting it so I'll remember about it next time.

A pound of ground turkey, some dried bread crumbs, chopped onion, chopped celery, chopped garlic. An egg, some oregano. A chopped chipotle chili from a can with adobo sauce is what gives it flavor. Mix all together, put in loaf pan. Then mix a small can of tomato sauce with just a little of that adobo sauce, pour that on the top. Bake at 350 for an hour. Let set up for 15 minutes out of the oven. It stayed really moist, perhaps because the sauce sealed it.

I still am on a buzz from the Breeders Cup last weekend, and Zenyatta's amazing win.


Linda said...

As long as the sitter takes good care of the animals--that was my main concern when we had Mabel. The worst time was when we were in SF (but still living in TN)--we heard from our next door neighbors that our house sitters had been locking Mabel out of the house, and that she had been waiting by the door all night and day. (It was Mabel's house, not theirs !!!!) Tom flew right home. It was awful. Hmmm... your rooster finally crowed today for the first time since you've been back (I read on Twitter).

Of course the reason I like Facebook better is because it is more about the individual!

Ohhhhhh that meat loaf sounds great. Did you look at the Obama turkey meatloaf recipe?

RHSteeleOH said...

Interesting tatoo thingy on her shoulder. It doesn't fit the cat theme.

If I saw that in my kitchen it would scare the be-jesus out of me.

Namowal said...

Facebookers beware indeed!
I'm surprised at some of the things people post. They complain about work, boast about dubious deeds, gush too much information, or turn on the propaganda hose. All things that can bite them in the pants in the long run.
Sorry to hear the cat lady didn't do her job as expected. I hope nothing was damaged.
Your meatloaf sounds tasty. Enjoy.

stray said...

Funny about the cat costume!!!