Friday, December 11, 2009

Been a while

Yeah, holiday spirit. I've been trying to put my computer back together again and I came upon this picture Dinah created about 8 years ago. That's our old dog Lulu on the front porch in Colorado.


Linda said...

We missed you, but THIS makes up for it.

Lulu looks so huggable, I want to just tackle her and roll around on the floor with her. Would she let you hug and kiss her? ...Or would that thing happen to you--the thing that's happening to that little man in blue jeans.

Namowal said...

Great to have you back.

I agree with Linda about Lulu being huggable looking. I've also heard that chow chows can be bite bites if humans (maybe strangers) get too friendly. Are these allegations true?

Sally said...

Hi Linda, Hi Namowal.

Lulu only looked kissable. She had an autistic personality with teeth.

We did have a wonderful Chow Chow who loved people. Once. Molly would roll with anybody.

Mean Jean said...

The eyes have it.