Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cold Case Carnival

Hey, what's in that tent?

I'm back on the track of taking my German Shepherd Molly to Lake Balboa every morning at dawn. I thought the big news this morning was that the pelicans were back-- I saw 10 landing-- but then turning down a side road I came upon this amazing carnival set for Cold Case. They're filming tomorrow and Monday so they have to keep the sets up and I guarantee they'll have a rough time this weekend convincing people that it's not a circus and it's not a carnival.

The pleasant(ly plump) security guy told me I couldn't have a walk around even though it wasn't filming till next day. I understood. Just wish he didn't have that tattoo of his name crawling up the side of his neck. Freaks to the left of me, freaks to the right of me.


Jane said...

Yeah--neck tattoos are the creepiest ones. Saw Brothers last night, and Jake Gyllenhaal's character had a doozy. I think it is probably fake, but who can tell.

lisa horstman said...

I have a weird fascination with old carnival stuff--it's just so freaky. Speaking of which...have you ever seen "Freaks"?

Sally said...

I've always loved carnival stuff too, Lisa. Would have liked to work at one. I've seen "Freaks" twice. The first time I loved it, the second time I couldn't watch it.

One time I was at a small carnival in L.A. I was on one of those spinning rides which make me so dizzy with little daughter, no one else. When the ride operator saw I was having a rough time, he turned the speed UP and kept it running a LONG TIME. Monster. At same carnival in the spook house a real guy was running through it touching and scaring people.

Mean Jean said... I am, stuck in the middle with you....

TV Guide said...

Cold Case Episode Synopsis: Team reopens 1975 case of a creature named Quasi who was pushed by Rollo into a time hole.

RHSteeleOH said...

Finally someone is going to investigate this.

Namowal said...

Hi Sally (and Lisa),
Have either of you read Secrets of the Sideshows by Joe Nickell? It was written by a former sideshow pitchman and has all sorts of stuff about old sideshows and performers. If you can't find a copy I'll lend you mine.
I've seen Freaks a few times, but not recently. What turned you off the second time around? Too corny?
I completely believe that the carny cranked up the ride! Some are mean. My friend was once on "The Zipper" when the kid in the car above threw up. My friend was the main "target." The ride operator saw what happened- and heard him hollering to stop the ride. Guess who didn't stop the ride?

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