Thursday, April 01, 2010

boodatude: yes

terrific post tonight by boodatude here.


Pile Girl said...

That was really good. Makes me think about how my comments affect others.
Although the quoted comments don't sound all that negative to me. What do you think?

stray said...

this is great!

booda baby said...

Ah! What a big surprise to come and find this! Thank you, really and truly.

Pile Girl, maybe those weren't all that negative, but if someone WAS writing a story for me, I'd expect them to have a cumulative effect. And they'd have to describe it really well. Ha!

(Or maybe they'd change it and describe the effect of people not really reading. Sometimes, I startle myself, how I'll race through a blog someone wrote so well and carefully and THEN I have to go back and read it all over, which you'd think I'd do the first time around :\ and :))