Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Reckless Rodeo

The Norwood rodeo was great fun-- a circuit rodeo, so they weren't just backyard riders. It opened with sheep riding by kids three years and younger, who of course got bucked off, and will be lucky if they don't go through life with extreme fear of sheep or of anything white and fluffy. These sheep had already discharged their riders.

The bucking broncs were great fun to watch, and I especially enjoyed watching steer wrestling, where the rider gallop out and leaps upon the steer to wrestle it to the ground. The finale of the rodeo was bull riding, and it was grim to watch. A big thunderstorm was crashing all around the metal grandstand, and two bull riders in succession got their hands caught in the tack and were just thrashed and trashed by the bulls before help finally came and they were untangled. It was not fun to watch. And the ambulance didn't budge, no paramedics came to help, which seemed awful.

This farmer and his family fascinated me. He was dressed in a tawny shirt and matching overalls, so fat he couldn't button the sides of the overalls, but with the red beard with beads it was a kind of fashion statement. He and his boys each ate two burgers with chips, two plates of nacho cheese chips, one ear of corn, a bratwurst and two snow cones. Lots of people at the rodeo came up to speak to him.


linda said...

My favorite part is about the red haired farmer and his boys and what they ate. Something about it reminds me of Quasi–if he were a dad.

Sally said...

The food sounds amazing!