Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spill on Aisle Seven

No, the spill was on my keyboard, which now only types ;p really! meanwhile all the email in my box is kind of stuck there, because all I can tell anyone is: ;p
, or ;p;p;p;p;p;p;p;p

So I use Jon's laptop while he drives to Placerville to the post office with Molly. So if you haven't heard from me, I'll be back in communication next Monday. (We're driving back Sunday.)

The hail was pearl sized and pretty, though Molly found it unsettling, until she started eating it. I've been looking for the elusive bear, who wanders around turning over rocks and pulling apart old wood but is never seen. We thought about buying old jelly doughnuts and leaving them in the woods, but it might attract a certain over weight neighbor instead. Then our friend Rick told us a bull MOOSE was seen around here earlier this year, so now I have two elusive friends to search for! Ranger Sal on the lookout.

I remembered Wuthering Heights as being such a romantic book, but this time around it seems quite rough and peculiar. Generally I'm discovering it's not such a great idea to re-read old favorites. Even Barbara Comyns seemed a little bland on second time around. But Streets of Laredo was definitely exciting.

All for now on this silly dial-up. I can't even look at the post after I post it.


Sally said...

Funny about not wanting to attract the neighbor!

linda said...

p;p;p;p;p;p;p;p;=Welcome home!