Monday, August 06, 2007

bummed out in L.A.

We left this:

drove all day, pulled into the gas station in Primm, Nevada (state line) around 4:30 for fuel, and wondered if we should turn back. Can you read the name of the place? It's actually called "Terrible's."

It was about 110 degrees, and filled with battling SUVs. The extra wide ones, built to hold the extra wide people who were inside standing 20+ in line for their extra wide frappucino nutrition. I joined the line. The place smelled like the sewer line had broken, but it also smelled that way three weeks ago on our drive up... eeeuch.

The baRRista laughed in my face in a Starbucks snotty way when I couldn't remember the Starbucksian word for medium. (omitting right wing rant here... besides I spent years satirizing Starbucks.)

L.A. is icky sticky hot and I feel so restless and out of sorts. Sure tomorrow it will feel like home. Molly looks depressed. There seem to be fewer fish in the pond, same number of chickens and one new dove. Way too many people and traffic in L.A. but I'm not the first one to notice that.

One more closeup of nasty Primm, NV:


Katy said...

I always liked to order "coffee regular" but that deli language is long gone. What is their (those terrible coffee people) word for medium? Do we need to know? I've never known....but you're back home in one piece, that's good.

Sally said...

Oh yeah, Katy. She looked up at the chart which showed a picture of small medium and large translated into Starbuckzian.

Mostly they don't pull out the Starbucks snarl anymore, but this chick, in the sewer inspired Starbucksia, gave it to me, yeah.

sally g said...

This photo is fabulous and speaks volumes. I make it a point never to learn the names for the coffee sizes; they're different at every store (we're mail-order Peetniks anyway). Heat index is 105 here, orange ozone air quality alert.

Namowal said...

I never could fully assimilate into the Starbucks universe. I'm the slob that who uses my hands to show the barista that I'd like one "about this big".
Next time I sense a strong snob vibe maybe I'll ask for "the Super Big Gulp" just for the reaction.

Sally said...

Super big gulp, yeah, that's what I should have said, namowal! Last time i was there they spelled my name Sarwee...

sally g, that heat sounds AWFUL! L.A. is currently okay, just low 90s.