Thursday, September 27, 2007

Molly's Just Great but Timmy fell in the Well!

I mean Tigger...

I was so happy to be back at Lake Balboa with Molly at dawn this morning. As we were finishing our walk we saw a prone figure right by the lake, with a big rear end sticking up. Having read a number of mystery novels lately, I was particularly concerned. Officer Cruikshank here.

Then I realized it was a life size Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh) stuffed animal that had lost stuffing all over the grass.

Molly was aghast. Her search and rescue genes kicked in and she wanted to rescue it. I'm not kidding! She never likes to see people lying on the ground, and this one looked in bad shape. But when she investigated and got no biological smells, we could keep walking.

(The Timmy in the Well stuff is a Lassie tv reference in case you're too young.)


Namowal said...

Poor ol' Tigger. Roughed up and dumped in the park. Either that or he parties way too hard.

sally g said...

Molly is really great to want to rescue Tigger!

Sally said...

Namowal, perfectly described. We're going back a little later this morning, and I wonder if Tigger will still be there.

Sally G, Molly's parents are working police dogs. I'll post a picture of "Dad."