Friday, November 16, 2007

The Waitress and Two Books I hate

We went to Telluride last night to catch the late afternoon show of "Into the Wild", ate barbecue at Fat Alley's and listened in to other people's conversations. Then we ambled over to the movie theatre, realized the running time was more than two hours and knew we'd hate the movie, having read the book and the reviews. So we came home and ran "The Waitress". It's a clunky, goofy movie, but I thought the concept of theme pies was incredibly poetic and sensual.

Our free dvd from Fox got all snaggy right near the end, so we never quite caught the ending, but enough to know where it was all going.

The two books I hate:
  • A Dance to the Music of Time: First Movement (Dance to the Music of Time) (Actually 3 novels in one by Anthony Powell) Set in the 20's, unoriginal writing with phrases piled on top of phrases, and pompous classical references, what's this writer got going, compared to so many women writers from the same period. Yet he's recommended so highly. Halfway through the second novel, I'm tossing it.

  • Essential ActionScript 3.0 (Essential) This horrid 900 page code book saddens me. I love Flash. I love coding for Flash. They've thrown out the old language, (though old timers are allowed to still use it), and have put in this new strict code language which is very hard to comprehend and so far I've seen no use for it that's fun or entertaining. It really has been written to be used for computer programmers only. I know that there are new features in the latest version of Flash which would probably lend themselves to interesting experiments, but I doubt I'll be able to explore them. If I were in jail maybe I could get through this, but no plans of that at present.
And I don't like Hillary Clinton either, so there! But that line about asbestos pants does make one's imagination run on.

The photo is of the cute new shirt I got from Rod's, and a water color I haven't finished.


Namowal said...

1. Cute watercolor
2. Dance to the Music of Time:First Movement Was he writing stuff like "Much like elusive nymph Protiophospherilidoschmickerous of the Eluslymarian Mensa under the umbra of the florid arbolian blah blah blah?"
3.When I looked at the photo (after reading the title, I thought Flypaper was a small paperback book that you didn't like.

sal said...

The watercolor looks great. I also found the "Waitress" pie concept appealing and the asbestos pants line interesting. Fun shirt!

linda said...

The watercolor! Oh God and Jesus!
You can probably tell I'm in TN.

(I love the Books I Hate reviews, too.)

gvmama said...
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Sally said...

Flypaper the novel, sounds like something I'd read and hate! Ha! I've refrained from showing what the flypaper looks like.

Anonymous said...

Love the shirt, love the watercolor. How is the watercolor unfinished? Like some furniture, we are all unfinished. Wet paper, the balance of a brush, the flow of color....I could go on...but you go on, finish it, or do another, unfinished.

fearlessfreep said...

Love the watercolor. Glad to see you picked up the set and got back to painting.Keep up the good work and set one aside for me.

Sally said...

Thanks for comments on the watercolor, which looks better in the photo than on the paper, but my work has always been that way! Since it's Sunday maybe I'll try another.

linda again said...

So now it's Tuesday. Do we get to see a new watercolor?