Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nice Day, Nice Meal

Dinah did the centerpiece with this gnome band my mother sent her. They're from the early 50's. She put a lying down santa in the center.

She liked her presents, and Jon liked the box of curry baked beans I gave him. Talk about your fancy presents... but hard to find. He's heatin and eatin a can right now. Dinah was shocked that I gave him baked beans for Christmas.

Now they spell them "beanz" on the can, which seems very un-British.

Molly got nothing but wrapping paper, but found that quite exciting, and our guests at dinner remarked on how different it was from the old Chow Chow days, where we'd advise guests to walk slowly to the couch and DON'T PET THE DOG!

The Menu, presented so I can check back and repeat parts next year!

Haddonfield Fruit Cup
Roast Turkey
Mashed Potatoes with Giblet Gravy
Roasted Carrots and Red Peppers
Butternut Squash Bake with Cranberries and Apples
Roast Cippolinis
Green Beans with Sauteed Almonds
Cranberry Can Plop
Cranberry Jalapeno Relish
Pineapple Torte
Lemon Meringue Pie
Champagne, Red and White Wine

I must have bought the hottest jalapeno pepper of all time, because that relish was barely edible, even by those who like it HOT. The squash recipe is pleasant and not overly sweet. The pie crust was extra good thanks to Linda Davick's hint to use King Arthur flour. Torte was mighty tasty, even today when I had two slices for lunch.

I forgot to take pictures during the meal-- there were seven of us. After dinner Jon ran a 16 print of one of my all time favorite films, I Know Where I'm Going, dir. Michael Powell.

Makes you actually proud if you have Scottish ancestry! A very romantic film.

I got some books, and $100 to spend the next day at Santa Anita racetrack, opening day, where I only lost about $30 and would have come out ahead if I'd gotten the number right on the first race. Why is it that I get a kick out of people at the racetrack, and am a total misanthrope at the mall, (where I didn't even go this year), when it's more or less the same people?

The little plate bottom left relates to our chicken problems.


Namowal said...

Is that a Morris Chair behind molly?

Maybe people are more obnoxious in the malls because they're strapped for time, in a competitive mode, and have heard "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" one time too many?

At the racetrack, even though they're betting on different horses, the crowd seems to merge into a collective whole at the final stretch- so excited as they cheer them on!

Linda said...

funny about the lying down Santa! It reminds me of the Santas I draw–they're always very tired.

But what were Dinah's presents that she liked, besides the band of gnomes?
(Obvious from the photo that Jon is stunned to have received such a wonderful gift.)

Still sad about Lulu, but very funny about how guests were warned to walk slowly to the couch...

It's so fun to see these photos. Beautiful bright house. What is that painting?

So you got another Actionscript 3 book for xmas!! (Is it making any more sense?) Is that a new Henning Mankell?

Dinner and a movie: the perfect xmas.

sal said...

love the cranberry can plop!

Sally said...

Namowal, Yes it's a Morris chair. Good interpretation of the mall crowd.

Linda, YOU'RE BACK? How is everything? We've MISSED you!

Dinah got horse related equipment that she had asked for and a stocking too. You're right about the books-- mostly finished the Mankell, haven't opened the cover on the ActionScript-- but I remember from tech editing days that this author was one of the best, easiest to understand. Here's hoping.

We got that painting long ago in England. (25 years ago)

We're still eating turkey. They say triptophane doesn't make you sleepy after all, but this hot turkey sandwich certainly did something to my brain cels... (drifting to the couch to finish the book!)

sal said...

The gnomes are great, by the way.

sal said...

We just watched "I Know Where I'm Going" on your recommendation and really enjoyed it. Pat's ancestors are Scottish, by the way.

Sally said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Sal. Isn't the scene where the woman walks in the room with her wolfhounds just incredible? Such a romantic movie.