Monday, June 02, 2008

In Colorado again

We left the house at 4:30 am and arrived here at 8 pm. We ate fried chicken and peanut butter sandwiches along the way. Gas cost about $160. We stopped at City Market and got two bison steaks. The house was in reasonable shape, and we felt like zombies as we stumbled up the stairs. We brought the Pixie frog with us, as well as Molly and two basil plants.

I brought all the cables so my laptop would work, and even the remote, but damn if I didn't forget the cables I need to download the pictures from my camera to my laptop, because the camer uses a Sony memory card and the laptop's not Sony. I took some nice pictures of our Joad like packed vehicle but you'll just have to imagine them.

The aspen trees and scrub oaks are just starting to leaf in, and the wild irises mostly haven't bloomed yet. On our walk today Molly chased a fox for half a minute. We'd never seen foxes up here before. She might have been pregnant. Her belly looked really round.

Later we went to check if the pond still had water in it, and found the path to the pond is now a bear path, with 3 scat piles along the way. so that was exciting.

The picture I took just now with the cel phone-- later this week I'll get replacement cables in Montrose. Still exhausted but here we are.


Mean Jean said...

Now you have your own bears. A mother bear and FOUR cubs came to our house the other day and scared the bejebbers outta Mr. Mean.

Sally said...

Hi mean jean, When I posted this I was thinking of you and your blog, cause I'd read about the bear adventures here

Namowal said...

Another bear-inclusive vacation with bonus wildlife!
Molly's gonna have fun.
I wonder if dogs can remember places they've visited in the past?

stray g said...

Interested to see how much your memory will improve still further on this vacation.

Sally said...

Dogs definitely remember places they've been before. Molly started stalking along the road as we headed past the driveway where her dog friend Cameron used to hang out. (her weird way of greeting other dogs.)

With cel phone, radio, laptop and 16mm projector, I don't think my memory stands a chance, sally G!

Linda said...

I'm glad you made it. From your post it already feels like you're very much at home. I cracked up that you brought Pixie with you! But what about Hoppy? Ohhh... never mind.