Saturday, July 12, 2008

Recreation Center

Today was the annual homeowners meeting. In the past these events have been very acrimonious, but this year the trouble makers were either staying home, on the run, or in foreclosure, and it was a very pleasant event.

Since no one volunteered their own home for the meeting, it was held squatter style at our shed. (the new recreation center.) Thus there was no need for burnt coffee cake or condiments. Earlier in the year I was hoping to lease a mule and keep her in this pasture, but we never got that plan launched. Long ago I brought lovely Luna, my first horse, up here for a summer.

As the day wore on the smoke from the California fires got so thick the mountains were barely visible.


stray g said...

I love that it was more pleasant this year with complainers "on the run." We're lucky to be in one of the last few neighborhoods without an association that dictates what you can put in your yard.

Namowal said...

That's my kind of meeting- out in a meadow with all the troublemakers somewhere else. Those groups always seem to attract a few bullies and tattletales who drive everyone else crazy.

Linda said...

The recreation center--I love it!

But no need for snacks???

Sally said...

This association is responsible for the water system and the road. So it doesn't get into aesthetics. there were only four women there, including me, and two of them were twins. The other one doesn't have a house here. It wasn't a snacking crowd.

There've been years where people have left in tears.