Friday, July 11, 2008

Resilient in the Rain

The skies have gotten really dark and thunder is rumbling so I'm not doing anymore on the tank today. I decided to experiment with Painter's liquid watercolor feature. It was SO liquid I tried to tilt the laptop to get it to stop running.

Here's where I left off on the submarine. Did a sketch in Painter using a photo of Molly turned into an oil painting and pasted over the tank image-- crutch,crutch, then started painting but I need a magenta to get the right colors.


Linda said...

tilting the laptop--that's great! Like Lisa H. reaching up to turn the page on her Kindle.

Ok, how far is the nearest paint store? Molly's tongue hanging out does the trick.

p.s. Are you an hour ahead of us? Is it time for a can of champagne there?

linda said...

Oh wait. Molly's tongue was hanging out before--but in brown not pink. I can mail you a tube of red.

Namowal said...

That's clever to use a photo as a "base" and paint over it. I'll have to remember that.

Namowal said...

Pardon the double post, but I like the hippo-gal painting too. Is she related to the "Miserable Beach Ball!" lady?

stray g said...

Nothing wrong with collage! Whatever works! It's looking great.

Sally said...

There's not a can of champagne in Western Colorado, Linda. I'm getting paint on Monday. You can make a lot of colors from orange and turquoise, with white and black, but pink isn't one of them.

Namowal, I was thinking of the beach ball gal, and also the song you blogged about, "You're so Vain." What I liked about Painter drippy watercolor: the eraser still works. You can still put a solid fill on the line drawing to punch up the color-- not that apparent in this one because I then added the dark blue layer too.