Monday, June 08, 2009

The Social Life

We're having friends over for dinner tonight- the first time since we got here three weeks ago that we'll be with friends.

We're serving turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, roasted vegetables, blueberry pie and a few other things. The "friends + leftovers" special. We've known our friend Mysterian for many years and like his girl friend too.

Name changed to protect a secret revealed: Mysterian is the only person we know who didn't lose money last year. You know why? He buried it in the back yard! We all thought he was a nut to do it but he gets the last laugh. And no, he's not a dog.

Speaking of nuts, there's the scary survivalist at the top of the hill. I've written about him before. He's the one who posts angry signs and drills holes in rocks for fun. He's been up the hill this year since April, with no running water, and says he plans to leave soon. We're hoping. He's a smiling belligerent, if you know the type. Let's call him Stagolee.

Years ago before we knew better, we'd heard if you leave stale jelly donuts out in a field you'll attract bears. We considered it. But we thought we might attract Stagolee instead.

He left these buns in a gift bag on our front step with a weird note about snacks, and some avocados. In the past when he's dropped off gifts they've been followed a few days later by documents in a plastic bag that he wants us to sign. Almost appealing, because it's so childish.

Think the bears will want the gourmet buns? Not leaving them my two nice pieces of chocolate, the reward for spending hours on a black slate floor that won't get clean.

(yeah I know I'll probably get anonymous comments about what a bitch I am for this post. can't help it folks.) But Stagolee cannot even type, much less use a computer.


Linda said...

But Stagolee got the buns on sale! He shouldn't do that if he wants you to sign documents.

Sally said...

I cut a sliver and they were not tasty. But the bears will like them.

just wondering said...

Exactly where did Mysterian bury the money in his yard, and about how long do you think he'll be at your place?

Namowal said...

I thought my neighbor was a bit off.
You win with that guy.
What on earth were the documents?

Mimi Pond said...

Yeah, what KIND of documents? That's the intriguing part!

stray said...

Fascinating post!

prb said...

I'm with Just Wondering....