Friday, February 12, 2010

in today's La Times!


Mars Tokyo said...

Right on! i vote for that!

Linda said...

Hooray for Sallywood!

Jane said...

That is the greatest sign!

Namowal said...

Let's keep it that way.
Who's up for adding a giant Anita or Whinsey?

Sam said...

Welcome to Sallywood, where you can visit the following:
Rollo Motor Vehicles, Inc. Perfect for your BARFs and Rollos!
Snozzy Nightclubs: Heads up, ladies, he's single.
Charbucks: Home of the Frappucino and burnt drinks!
Whinsey Stables: Want to control your horse? Then go here!
Anita's Mood Rings: All of them are red!
Quasi Beach: And while you're leaving, stop by and disintigrate in the acid rain! LOL
I wish Sallywood was real. But there is always dreams.

Sally said...

Mars Tokyo is a Sally too.

The sign kept changing during the day and was SavePood or something like that last I noticed on twitter!

very funny and imaginative, Sam!

Sam said...

aw shucks. thanks.

stray said...

I like this!

Sally said...

In our tiny blogosphere there are 3 posting Sally's! (that I know of.) T.C. Boyle wrote a short story in which the main character talks about what a stupid name Sally is.